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millmill2 verb [transitive]  1 TIto crush grain, pepper etc in a mill All our flours are milled using traditional methods. Add some freshly milled black pepper.2 to press, roll, or shape metal in a machine mill around/about (something)→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
millThe carbon in pulp process uses higher grade ore which is crushed, milled and mixed with chemical solutions in large tanks.The curds of two days' cheesemaking are mixed together before being milled and pressed.Others were milling around on the grass to no apparent purpose.Then, I switched to old, soft aluminum, milled from a single block.In a conference room, there is a thirty-foot table milled from a single piece of green malachite.Harrison joined a crowd of about 5000 milling outside the radio station.Leeming was standing in the middle of the third car, surrounded by sheep who milled round his feet.The guests milled round in confusion.They milled together and dismounted, the two Myrcans immediately running to the rear to intercept the pursuit.