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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoltenmol‧ten /ˈməʊltən $ ˈmoʊl-/ adjective [usually before noun]  TIHEmolten metal or rock has been made into a liquid by being heated to a very high temperature molten ironmolten lava (=liquid rock from a volcano)
Examples from the Corpus
moltenThey may be composed of impact ejecta, some of which may have been molten.The sky turned the colour of molten copper.This crater often gets filled with lakes of lava which remain molten for amazingly long periods.You can watch craftsmen make beautiful vases out of molten glass.It is said that he constructed a tank and poured into it molten gold so that it became one vast molten block.Molten iron is poured into huge moulds and allowed to cool.molten lavaThe town was buried under a river of molten lava.Some were carrying children, as though the tiny shapes were molten lead running out of their grasp and heavy past holding.Castings are made by pouring molten metal into a mould and allowing it to solidify.By that time the flame was also very thin, and where it touched the wall the molten rock spat and ran.Rivers of molten rock were flowing down the sides of the volcano.Something seemed to pour through his face and overwhelm her, something molten, timeless, glorious.molten lavaHere you can travel a river longer than a thousand Amazons, or risk your life rafting on molten lava.Her great horsy face had turned the colour of molten lava and her eyes were glittering with fury.Suddenly, the immense wall of molten lava bearing down from Mount Etna on to their doorsteps came to a halt.The underlying molten lava drains back into the crust.He was airlifted on to the mountain as molten lava threatened to swamp the village of Zaffarana.