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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishochreo‧chre British English, ocher American English /ˈəʊkə $ ˈoʊkər/ noun [uncountable]  1 TIa type of reddish-yellow earth used in paints2 CCthe reddish-yellow colour of ochreochre adjective
Examples from the Corpus
ochreA three-storeyed neo-classical frontage of immense length, the ground level is in grey stone, the upper storeys in pale ochre.All the surfaces were pale ochre mud and dung which the women plastered over stone each year.Humble houses were cobbled together from leavings stuccoed over and painted in pastel tones of pink, ochre and yellow.Remember that these figurines were often painted with red ochre.White acrylic mixed with cadmium orange, yellow ochre or burnt sienna allows Martin to overlap and cross-hatch.I use ultramarine, yellow ochre and crimson.Yellow ochre is a colour I often use for both undercoats and overpainting, having a good semi-transparent quality.