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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopencasto‧pen‧cast /ˈəʊpənkɑːst $ ˈoʊpənkæst/ adjective [usually before noun] British English  TITPGan opencast mine is one where coal is taken out of holes in the ground near the surface, not from deep under the ground opencast mining
Examples from the Corpus
opencastThis is mainly opencast coal and even its continuance is in doubt.Mr. Walker: In making decisions about opencast coal applications, one must consider carefully both the short-term and long-term environmental implications.Social and environmental costs Much has been written on the social and environmental costs of opencast coal.Among the environmental problems related to coal mining, two are considered here: opencast mining and subsidence damage.Now, all is revealed through Labour's policy decision to ban opencast mining.Jobs in the opencast sector are at risk from the vendetta against opencast mining conducted by the Labour party.Young is in urgent need of funds after an unexpected shortfall in reserves at its opencast sites.