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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatent leatherpatent leath‧er /ˌpeɪtnt ˈleðə◂ $ ˌpætnt ˈleðər/ noun [uncountable]  DCCTIthin shiny leather, usually black patent leather shoes
Examples from the Corpus
patent leathera patent leather handbagWhen found, she was wearing a pink floral dress, lilac tights, a white cardigan and black patent leather shoes.And black patent leather tap shoes covered her most famous toes, which nobody realized yet were famous.Footwear first, of course: Gucci patent leather, square-toed boots are in.The woman stepped lightly away on her high-heeled, patent leather boots to her basket-work Mini parked beside the public convenience.Marion looked down at her low-heeled patent leather pumps and sighed.She noticed with disgust that there were several droplets of blood on the patent leather.Pearlized white patent leather handbags are popular, says Aaronson.