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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperfumeryper‧fum‧er‧y /pəˈfjuːməri $ pər-/ noun (plural perfumeries) old-fashioned  1 [countable]DCBBBT a place where perfumes are made or sold2 [uncountable]TIDCB the process of making perfumes
Examples from the Corpus
perfumeryAchille Hébuterne worked as chief cashier in a perfumery.These fall into a tank and after some clandestine coloration and perfumery are packaged and sold.Oil of cedarwood was highly prized for its use in embalmment, medicine and perfumery.These aromatics were used in both perfumery and medicine.Nowadays vacuum distillation is usually preferred to steam distillation for this purpose. to extract oils from plants, for example in perfumery.