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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprocesspro‧cess1 /ˈprəʊses $ ˈprɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun [countable]  1 ORDER/SEQUENCEa series of actions that are done in order to achieve a particular result the Israeli–Egyptian peace process Repetition can help the learning process.process of the process of economic changeslow/lengthy/laborious etc process Getting fit again has been a long slow process. the mental processes involved in decision-making2 ORDER/SEQUENCEa series of things that happen naturally and result in gradual changeprocess of the natural process of evolution Coal forms by a slow process of chemical change. the digestive process3 be in the process of (doing) something4 be in process5 in the process6 process of elimination7 TIa method of making or producing goods the car production process Recycling is an industrial process. due processCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + processslowCollecting the data is a slow process.long/lengthyTry to be patient through the long process of healing.laborious (=taking a lot of time and effort)The copying of manuscripts was a laborious process.complexGetting a visa can be a complex process.a natural processBirth is a natural process.a formal processA decision will only be taken after a formal consultation process.a mental processCats have different mental processes from dogs.the learning processThe student is actively involved in the learning process.the peace processThey are frustrated with the lack of progress in the peace process.the decision-making processNot all staff can participate in the decision-making process.a selection processAn interview normally forms part of the selection process.verbsgo through a process (also undergo a process formal) (=experience a process)A lot of companies are going through a process of change.The system underwent a process of simplification.take part in a process (also participate in a process)We encourage our clients to participate in the process at every stage.
Examples from the Corpus
processThe bipolar adversary process often involves paying little attention to these wider interests.the aging processan advanced industrial processOne process improvement technique, for example, failed to sustain interest.Clinton even turned snafus in the Northern Ireland peace process into potential political advantage.the human reproductive processHe has taken out patents for the process and for the chips.The process of applying to a college is often very time-consuming.The debate will continue over whether this process involves gain or loss.But it is, in a sense, a one-way process.mental processesAsperger adults are tailed by shop security guards, though their inflexible mental processes make it unthinkable they would break the law.Also, Piaget did infer the existence of internal mental processes.Short of this position, one must admit the possibility of non-introspectible mental processes.But the truth was that my mental processes were frightfully complicated, tenaciously mixed.They have shown that mental processes can be correlated with specific neural changes.One is a primary teacher who was interested in the mental processes of children tackling simple addition.Summary Neural networks are rough models of the mental processes their name implies.William James viewed mental processes as a stream, or river.slow processThis is a slow process normally taking an hour per unit of alcohol.Even 20 or 30 years ago, finding the fish was a slow process.A slow process of rapprochement therefore began in the autumn of 1943.It is important to remember, though, that medical research is an agonizingly slow process.Background activities generally involve slower processes.To the extent that proletarianization is occurring, it may be a long, slow process.The slowest processes come at the top of the hierarchy, and provide the environment for faster processes.During this slow process, what was happening in the South?production processModern production processes are complex and costly.A project to develop a new production process requires a similar selective use of the concept.The intent of the project is to identify those parameters which most affect the production process.Inspection is another important activity in the production process.Each stage in the production process thus pays tax on the value it has added; hence the tax's name.The decision to stop the line is with the employee, as is the decision to review the production process.The production process typically has several stages.Upper level managers need no longer be geographically close to production processes.