Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: productum, from the past participle of producere; PRODUCE1


prod‧uct S1 W1
1 [uncountable and countable]TI something that is grown or made in a factory in large quantities, usually in order to be sold [↪ produce, production]
agricultural/dairy/software etc products
consumer products such as VCRs
The London factory assembles the finished product.
He works in marketing and product development.
see usage note produce2

the product of something

a) if someone is the product of a particular background or experience, their character is typical of that background or the result of that experience:
Paula was the product of a sheltered middle-class home.
b) if something is the product of a particular situation, process etc, it is the result of that situation or process:
The report was the product of four years' hard work.
3 [countable] technicalHMN the number you get by multiplying two or more numbers in mathematics
4 [countable]HCC something that is produced through a natural or chemical process:
Hemoglobin is a product of red blood cells.

produce (v), produce (n), product
The verb produce is pronounced /prədjuːs-duːs/. The noun produce is pronounced /prɒdjuːsproʊduːs/ and is used to mean 'food that has been grown to be sold' We sell tinned goods and fresh produce (=fruit and vegetables).The usual noun used to mean 'something that is produced to be sold' is product Their latest product is a games console. the packaging of food productsSee also produce

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