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pumppump2 ●●○ verb  1 move in a direction [transitive always + adverb/preposition]MOVE something OR somebody to make liquid or gas move in a particular direction, using a pumppump something into/out of/through something The fire department is still pumping floodwater out of the cellars.2 move from under ground [transitive]TI to bring a supply of water, oil etc to the surface from under the ground We were able to pump clean water from several of the wells.pump gas American English (=put gasoline into a car) He got a job pumping gas for the hotel guests.3 move in and out [intransitive] (also pump away)MOVE/CHANGE POSITION to move very quickly in and out or up and down My heart was pumping fast.4 use a pump [intransitive] (also pump away)MOVE something OR somebody to operate a pumppump at The furnace man’s job was to pump away furiously at the bellows.5 come out [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LIQUID if a liquid pumps from somewhere, it comes out suddenly in small amountspump from/out of Blood pumped from the wound. 6 ask questions [transitive] informalASK A QUESTION to ask someone a lot of questions in order to get information from thempump somebody for something I tried to pump him for information about their other contacts.7 pump somebody full of something8 pump iron9 have your stomach pumped pump something into somebody/something pump out pump something/somebody ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pumpI pressed in, remained, pumped.Actually, Cotton needs pumping about as much as Charles Barkley needs prompting.Up to 60,000 temporary jobs are expected to pump an estimated $ 2 billion in wages into the local economy.He pumped away furiously.We were able to pump clean groundwater from several of the wells.As you know, blood begins to settle in the lowest part of the body as soon as the heart stops pumping it around.When the water is pumped out if there is much oil in it the crew knows the casks are leaking.They have not pumped up taxes; personal and corporate income taxes have remained at reasonable levels.Emergency crews were called to pump water from 7 houses.pump something into/out of/through somethingA fan pumps the air out of the hose.Rough weather has all but stopped efforts to pump that oil out of the upside-down hull.pump gasAfter two years of college, Swensson completed a two-week Standard Oil training course and went to work pumping gas.Before he made it to Broadway, Kelly pumped gas.He wanted to be an auto mechanic, but, really, he pumped gas.He bootlegged whiskey, pumped gas, worked in a steel mill handling hot wire, stole hubcaps.pump from/out ofBut a lot of the water being pumped out of the ground is as nonrenewable as oil.And then I pump out of this canvas bag into that.pump somebody for somethingViktor wanted to pump Jody for more information about her program.