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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrefinedre‧fined /rɪˈfaɪnd/ AWL adjective  1 [usually before noun]TI a substance that is refined has been made pure by an industrial processraw, crude opp unrefinedrefined sugar/oil/petroleum2 POLITEsomeone who is refined is polite and seems to be well-educated or to belong to a high social class – sometimes used humorously a refined way of speaking3 IMPROVEa method or process that is refined has been improved to make it more effectivesophisticated Laser surgery has become much more refined over the last decade.
Examples from the Corpus
refinedThe food could be described as healthy, rather than refined.I don't think I've ever come across anything quite so refined as Lil.a refined audience of music-loversrefined beet sugarPeople tell me that she looks like me: elegant while concealing an active disposition behind a refined behaviour.From the sunlit atrium with its glass elevator to the tasteful rooms and thoughtful service, this hotel shines with refined comfort.And you can feel this on the road, enjoying a smooth and refined engine.a refined method of measurementrefined oilA mature scholarship to Oxford followed, where he acquired more refined snobberies than those afforded by the community of insurance clerks.A diet too high in refined sugar and fat will predispose to either obesity or shortage of nutrients, including minerals.Even when refined sugar is combined with refined flour to make cakes or desserts, the chewing required tends to be minimal.refined sugar/oil/petroleumRead the labels on the foods you buy and you will be surprised at the number of hidden sources of refined sugar.Excessive quantities of dairy products, refined sugars and raw foods would be best avoided, with the emphasis on excessive.Animal fats and refined sugar contribute to a weight problem and can be a factor in heart and arterial disease.As for refined sugar - cut it out, as much as you can.The average person, irrespective of weight, has too much refined sugar in their food.Local oil companies want a 10 percent tariff on refined petroleum products and 3 percent duty for imported crude oil.