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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrough-hewnˌrough-ˈhewn adjective  TIROUGH/NOT SMOOTHrough-hewn wood or stone has been cut without much care and its surface is not yet smooth
Examples from the Corpus
rough-hewnThe rough-hewn cemetery where his son lies buried.The glossy conventions of Hollywood were spurned in favour of a rough-hewn cinematic style more suited to the reality at hand.But once the land is thus rough-hewn it is shaped by other forces.But he was no ordinary rough-hewn miner.Despite its rough-hewn reputation, the street is not a particularly dangerous spot these days, according to Merrill.She traced a pattern over the rough-hewn stone of the sill, while behind her there was no sound of retreating footsteps.About the life-matches that had been brewed here, come to life under this moon, and these rough-hewn walls.