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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshavingsshav‧ings /ˈʃeɪvɪŋz/ noun [plural]  TIPIECEvery thin pieces, especially of wood, cut from a surface with a sharp blade a pile of wood shavings on the floor
Examples from the Corpus
shavingsI have had many letters asking for advice and questioning the use of bark and shavings because of coral spot fungus appearing.There were the eternal school smells of chalk dust, wax crayons, cedar shavings, damp wool, and warm children.A final mathematical note - only 11.5% of the original blank remained, the rest was expensive shavings.In the foreground was a tangle of metal shavings and a battle-scarred wrench.A 3-cornered file is best for small diameters, but beware the fibre dust or shavings!Stuck into the shavings were half a dozen long, slender tubes of bamboo.He orders ravioli with foie gras and white truffle shavings.The man with the kidney lips folded his knife and stood up and brushed the whittle shavings out of his lap.