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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsheet metalˈsheet ˌmetal noun [uncountable]  TImetal in the form of thin sheets
Examples from the Corpus
sheet metalHeinz was a sheet metal worker.A sheet metal punch is drawn through by being tightened with an Allen key.At its Llanfyllin site, Grayman Tooling and Pressings manufactures sheet metal pressings and assemblies mainly for the automotive industry.Some had pieces of sheet metal tacked on to them.But the familiar screaming of sheet metal against a wall undoubtedly will make hearts skip faster than usual.Houses were shoulder-high, made of old packing crates and strips of sheet metal, the walls stuffed with cardboard and rags.The technique of hammering meant that sheet metal was liable to become brittle.And the beauty is not just limited to the sheet metal.