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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwattlewat‧tle /ˈwɒtl $ ˈwɑːtl/ noun  1 TI[uncountable] a frame made from sticks woven together a wattle fence walls made of wattle and daub (=this frame covered with clay)2 HBA[countable] the red flesh that grows on the head or neck of some birds, such as chickens
Examples from the Corpus
wattleBack towards the house, a wattle fence divides off the western side of the garden.A dun and a barred blue, both trimmed for the pit, combs and wattles scissored off.His wattle throat sagged above his careful tie and clean brown suit.They tore down his crude village of wattles and mud, and raised their temples and markets in its place.Males have prominent red wattle over eye.The sun was low by now, obscured behind the wattle of leafless branches, and the air had a chilly edge.His interest is in pricking Prior Robert and Sub-Prior Herluin into bristling at each other with wattles glowing scarlet and throats gobbling rage.