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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaxywax‧y /ˈwæksi/ adjective  TIlike wax, or made of wax the waxy blossoms of the water lily young men with waxy faces
Examples from the Corpus
waxyBy the time the white petals died and the mint-colored berry poked out, the leaf shine was gilded tight and waxy.Around his leg, where the trouser had been torn, the first creeper curled, thin and waxy against his skin.a waxy coating on the leavesIt was the tallest tree, and June and July saw its waxy flowers bold as a candelabra.This manifested itself partly in his waxy parchment-like complexion and a habit of sitting in an increasingly hunched posture.Into it he crumbled a waxy plug of cocoa, stirred in ground bay leaf, salt, and sugar.Pecorino Romano is the best variety of this cheese and has a white, waxy rind.Water patterns bounce off polished chrome, the fibreglass shell is honed to a waxy sheen of pearl.A thin waxy slip of poison ivy was entwined around one of the legs.