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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeetlebee‧tle1 /ˈbiːtl/ noun [countable]  beetle.jpg HBIan insect with a round hard back that is usually black
Examples from the Corpus
beetleYou know that story of the man who wakes up and finds he's turned into a beetle?A group identity, the way they say black beetles do?If you are curious about the bombardier beetle, by the way, what actually happens is as follows.It is found mainly in timbers less than fifty years old and is a much larger insect than the furniture beetle.The house longhorn beetle is another insect pest which seems to be confined to parts of Hampshire and south-west Surrey.Three hundred thousand kinds of beetles are known, far more than any other group.The presence of beetles is acknowledged as an indicator of the general health of the forest.There also were beetles crawling on the ice in slow motion.