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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcocoonco‧coon1 /kəˈkuːn/ noun [countable]  1 HBIa silk cover that young moths and other insects make to protect themselves while they are growing2 PROTECTsomething that wraps around you completely, especially to protect youcocoon of The baby peered out of its cocoon of blankets.3 a place or situation in which you feel comfortable and safe, and are protected from anything unpleasantcocoon of She was surrounded by the cocoon of a loving family.
Examples from the Corpus
cocoonI dangled for three days and three nights in a cocoon of ropes from the rafters in the attic.But it was clear to all that the then Massachusetts governor would have fit snugly into the capital cocoon.The silken cocoons of these two other moths are tough roundish structures built inside leaves rolled together.Some species attach the cocoons to stones underwater and others carry the cocoons with them until the young hatch.These children live outside the cocoon of the middle class.the cocoon of our hotel roomTheir many tiny cocoons now completely filled the moth cocoon.He had rolled through childhood in a warm cocoon of love provided by endless cousins, uncles, aunts and servants.Annie felt her hand enclosed in a warm cocoon of talcum powder and smooth baby skin.cocoon ofShe is wrapped in a cocoon of blue silk.