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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglow-wormˈglow-worm noun [countable]  HBIan insect that produces a small amount of light from its body
Examples from the Corpus
glow-wormThe movement of its antlers jerked Guy's hand, sending his cigarette arcing through the air like a flying glow-worm.Most had already lit their fore-and-aft lamps, which twinkled like glow-worms in the gathering dusk.Since glow-worms, fireflies, electric eels and many fish exhibit a similar phenomenon, the statement is not unrealistic.It was an in-dwelling quality - the light of the tiny glow-worm, the light dancing in the waves.They were glow-worms, the first I had ever seen.Who remembers night sorties to see Yorkshire glow-worms and Gypsy Hill badgers?