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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoneybeehon‧ey‧bee /ˈhʌnibiː/ noun [countable]  HBIa bee that makes honeyhive
Examples from the Corpus
honeybeePeople and honeybees have a long history together.Besides the familiar honeybee, .Von Frisch did not doubt the odour theory of how honeybees find food until the 1940s.One behavioural example that approaches this degree of elementary simplicity concerns hygienic behaviour in honeybees.So if you wanted blueberries in Bio2, you needed honeybees.We've got hives full of honey for the right kind of honeybees.Meanwhile, von Frisch had looked at the honeybee dance more closely.The honeybees have taken this basic arrangement and elaborated it to an extreme degree so that they live in colonies of many thousands.