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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoneycombhon‧ey‧comb /ˈhʌnikəʊm $ -koʊm/ noun [countable]  1 honeycomb.jpg HBIa structure made by bees, which consists of many six-sided cells in which honey is stored2 CFsomething that is arranged or shaped in this pattern
Examples from the Corpus
honeycombAs dissolution proceeds, a honeycomb texture may result, particularly where a mineral has near rectilinear cleavages.A honeycomb provides the most rigid structure with lightest weight.Jay brought Dionne honeycomb cell shaped soap and an oil and sand picture with its ever-changing magic.You can make a simple honeycomb by taking several straws and gluing them together side by side.There was a spreading honeycomb of a wine-rack, full and expensive looking.She had intended to lay the circles in the desert in a symmetrical honeycomb pattern, recalling the bees of her vision.When they got it all home, the honeycombs were cut and drained through cloth into jars.He had visited shanty settlements known as fa las owing to their resemblance, at a distance, to honeycombs.