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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlicelice /laɪs/  HBIthe plural of louse1
Examples from the Corpus
liceAll the children huddled under an old coat made of animal skins, which was full of lice.Inside a decade it grew into a national organization with an affluent governing board and a Washington lobbying of lice.The insecticidal and bactericidal properties of aromatic plants helped ward off disease by killing air-borne bacteria and deterring fleas and lice.The same Southern private wrote graphically of another problem he and his comrades had to contend with, that of body lice.Body lice and bacteria and fleas were dying by the billions.Tropical fish lice are sometimes found in fish tanks - higher temperatures kill native lice.Never before have I seen lice by the bushel.Residual scenes from dreadful other memories play like lice inside veins I hardly dare look on as mine.