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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlouselouse1 /laʊs/ noun [countable]  1 (plural lice /laɪs/)HBI a small insect that lives on the hair or skin of people or animals2 (plural louses) informalUNPLEASANT someone who is nasty and unpleasant
Examples from the Corpus
louseThe insecticidal and bactericidal properties of aromatic plants helped ward off disease by killing air-borne bacteria and deterring fleas and lice.Every medication promised to kill eggs as well as lice, and none did.I did comb out a single dead louse, and we inspected it on a sheet of white paper.Virtually his entire skeleton was visible through his coat, he had lice and a weeping eye.All the children huddled under an old coat made of animal skins, which was full of lice.She scratches now as she talks about the lice, then smiles when she notices.Ordinary washing won't damage the louse but regular brushing will.Why should a Creator, if parasites were needed, not make a universal louse for all mankind?"You louse!" she yelled.