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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaggotmag‧got /ˈmæɡət/ noun [countable]  HBIa small creature like a worm that is the young form of a fly and lives in decaying food, flesh etc
Examples from the Corpus
maggotYou bet him sixpence he could not eat a maggot and he promptly swallowed a live one and grabbed your tanner.It fledged four young, and 156 blood-bloated maggots of Protocalliphora flies.The hair and skin had fallen from the head, and the flesh from the bones-all alive with disgusting maggots.He was still wound tightly in a grubby white Aircell blanket that made him look like a large maggot.When the can is reopened, in place of the original contents is a wriggling mass of maggots.With the help of a tweezer, she was pulling maggots from the raw flesh.Good section, but get rid of that maggot!