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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswarmswarm1 /swɔːm $ swɔːrm/ noun [countable]  1 HBIa large group of insects, especially bees, moving together2 CROWDa crowd of people who are moving quicklyswarm of Swarms of tourists jostled through the square.
Examples from the Corpus
swarmWhen the adventurers move from 5d to either 5c or 5e they are attacked by a swarm of shadowy, ethereal forms.Picked out in silhouette is a swarm, a veritable plague, of humanity.Outside the school a swarm of small children ran around shouting and laughing.Jaq scanned another swarm of these hybrids, on the rampage with guns and blades.Bee swarms, on the other hand, evoke another sort of awe.Violet receives a great swarm of attention wherever we go.An average-sized locust swarm devours in the region of 20,000 tons of vegetation every day.Thousands of individuals, each not quite as big as a housefly make up the swarm.But family therapists are also aware how profoundly these swarms of narratives can affect what we see and therefore how we live.swarm ofSwarms of tourists visit the resort every summer.a swarm of locusts