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swarmswarm2 verb [intransitive]  1 [always + adverb/preposition]CROWDGO if people swarm somewhere, they go there as a large uncontrolled crowd Photographers were swarming around the princess.2 HBIif bees swarm, they leave a hive (=place where they live) in a large group to look for another home swarm with somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
swarmThe birds returned, invaded Bird Spirit Land and flocked and swarmed above the funeral pyre.Hundreds of refugees swarmed across the border.Flies swarmed around him.But despite their lack of education groups of children aged six to 12 swarmed around the machine all day.In one scene, giant grasshoppers swarm atop the Wrigley Building in Chicago.More and more monsters swarmed down from the glowing mountains.Amid the barren ocean floor swarmed legions of bizarre, new animals.I wandered through a poverty-stricken village in the countryside, flies swarming over me under a baking sun.Reporters swarmed the area outside the courtroom.Every day tourists swarm through the narrow streets of the old city.They swarmed to the back by the dozen, chucking packets of Marlboro across the rows.The cobbled beaches swarmed with seals, and there was, as well, a fine colony of otters.