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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwebweb /web/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 the Web2 web_spider.jpg HBI[countable] a net of thin threads made by a spider to catch insects He watched a spider spinning its web. cobweb3 COMPLICATED[countable usually singular] a closely related set of things that can be very complicateda web of intrigue/deceit/deception/lies etc a tangled web of relationships4 HBB[countable] a piece of skin that connects the toes of ducks and some other birds, and helps them to swim well
Examples from the Corpus
webIn reality any organization will be involved in a web of relationships, which vary in character and intensity according to the issue.Netscape hooked millions of web surfers on Navigator by letting them have it for free.The larger facilities will be used to provide all types of web and application hosting as well as co-location services.The whole tangled web of each other's relationships was getting to breaking-point.Yank on one filament in the web, and the other filaments had to move, too.Throw some small insects into the web and find out what prevents them getting out before the spider can catch them.My concern has been to specify as clearly as possible the Orphic strand of the web.The webs which are woven are many and varied.spinning ... webTiny, beautiful spiders, infused with an inner light, spinning their vast webs across the endless darkness.tangled webAlmost inevitably the issue had become caught up in a tangled web of local education politics.It was a tangled web of paths, roads, and tracks through wilderness.Would you have put on your disapproving hat and talked about tangled webs and reaping what you sow?Looking back at the tangled web of confused events we can see that the answer had already emerged.Set in San Diego, the play examines the tangled web woven by those who conceal certain truths from others.The tangled web of life ultimately complements the finished weave of art.The tangled web of their past and present balled against the rage of Ruth's emotions.The whole tangled web of each other's relationships was getting to breaking-point.