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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoodwormwood‧worm /ˈwʊdwɜːm $ -wɜːrm/ noun  1 HBI[countable] a small insect that makes holes in wood2 [uncountable]TBCDHH the damage that is caused to wood by this creature
Examples from the Corpus
woodwormHe made one of his jokes, something about dry-rot and woodworm.It kills wet rot, dry rot and woodworm, and penetrates deeply to protect against future attack.Once installed, they can not rot or be attacked by woodworm, and will never need painting.The bamboo wall looked like a piece of furniture that had been ravaged by woodworm.The collection, which included rare artefacts and manuscripts, was encased in the bubbles whilst the bookcases were treated for woodworm.Apart from a bit of woodworm, the beam seemed solid enough, but the panel rang hollow.Spray on woodworm fluid following the manufacturer's advice, and replace the boards and then spray the top surface.Other guarantees may be supplied by a double glazing, damp-proofing or woodworm treatment company.