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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassuranceas‧sur‧ance /əˈʃʊərəns $ əˈʃʊr-/ ●●○ AWL noun  1 [countable]PROMISE a promise that something will definitely happen or is definitely true, made especially to make someone less worried Despite my repeated assurances, Rob still looked very nervous.give/seek/receive an assurance (that) He gave an assurance that the work would be completed by Wednesday.2 [uncountable]CONFIDENT a feeling of calm confidence about your own abilities, or that you are right about something the calm assurance with which she handled the horse ‘Jack will never agree to that, ’ he said with assurance.3 [uncountable]BFI British English technical insurance, especially to provide money when someone dies syn insurance American English life assurance
Examples from the Corpus
assuranceThere was a sensual anticipation about, an assurance of marvels shortly to be, manifest.Coach Bill Barber issued an assurance that Boucher will, in fact, play some games before the season is over.I need an assurance that you will support me.On the evidence of his recital he is increasing in assurance and beginning to fulfil expectations.For example: In the life assurance industry, it means playing an important role in the development of new products.These jobs offer little assurance of long-term employment.His lawyer was unwilling to give him any kind of assurance about the outcome of the trial.The manager gave me his personal assurance that the parts would be here today.Chapters 6 and 7 extensively cover the evaluation process and quality assurance.Despite all their assurances, they broke the agreement and signed a deal with a rival company.She had forgotten the compulsion of his confident smile, the total assurance he carried everywhere he went.He missed the vehement assurance of Will Douglas.She began to sing with assurance, an old, familiar song.give/seek/receive an assurance (that)Will he give an assurance that a future Conservative Government will take measures further to encourage savings?Will he give an assurance that in future research at Leeds polytechnic will be funded under the new joint proposals?Both work without a contract, and Sinclair sought assurances about the future in recent negotiations.It plans to write to the Crown Office to seek an assurance that a similar incident would not occur.