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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprotectionpro‧tec‧tion /prəˈtekʃən/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 [uncountable]PROTECT when someone or something is protectedprotection of the protection of the environmentprotection against/from evidence that vitamin C gives protection against cancerprotection for This law provides protection for threatened animals and plants.for protection The police were issued with body armour for extra protection.2 [countable, uncountable] something that protectsas (a) protection (against something) Magee pulled up his collar as protection against the breeze.3 [uncountable]BFI the promise of payment from an insurance company if something bad happens syn coverage4 [uncountable] contraception Do you have any protection?5 [uncountable]SCC when criminals threaten to damage your property or hurt you unless you pay them money protection money a protection racket (=the illegal activity of demanding money for protection)COLLOCATIONSverbsgive/provide protection (also offer/afford protection formal)One dose of the vaccine provides protection against TB during childhood.They say they are afforded no protection whatsoever by the security forces.need protection (also require protection formal)He seemed to think that she needed protection.seek protectionThey were forced to seek the protection of the army.phrasesa degree/measure of protection (=some protection)The shelter gave us a measure of protection against the bitter cold.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + protectiongood protectionThis lightweight jacket gives good protection from the rain and wind.adequate protectionSome car seats for children did not provide adequate protection.complete protectionNo security system can ever give complete protection against a determined thief.greater/better protectionThe law should give greater protection to victims.data protectionsecurity issues such as data protectionenvironmental protectionA draft agreement on environmental protection for Antarctica was discussed.consumer protectionThe consumer protection regulations will include new online shopping rules.child protectionOfficers from the child protection team were called in after the girl turned to a neighbour for help.police protection (=protection by the police)He eventually managed to leave under heavy police protection.
Examples from the Corpus
protectionAlternatively, you could join a card protection scheme.Other measures gave us the state lottery, coastline protection, guaranteed levels of school finance and term limits.a bill providing environmental protectionsSince the birds were in a cold room I believe the filter matting provided extra protection from the low temperatures.The businessman should be better able to take care of himself in the transaction, and therefore should require little protection.At the time, the law gave women very little protection from violent husbands.Ironically, fitness is no protection.Their light summer clothes were no protection against the bitter cold.In the unconscious the hunter is seen as the symbol of protection.24-hour police protectionVitamin C provides some protection against minor illnesses.This applies to protection from rain and other water sources.provides protectionThe Act provides protection from suits by clients or employers for breaches of confidentiality.Also, the atmosphere provides protection from the ultra violet light produced by the Sun.Integrity provides protection against partiality or deceit or other forms of official corruption, for example.It provides protection for up to 16 serial lines.It provides protection for you all the way.The plan, known as Lawclub, provides protection up to £50,000 a claim.The service provides protection for the prime minister.This provides protection which will stop all but the smallest fish getting through.as (a) protection (against something)With only green Infantry available as protection for the guns, this was a dangerous move.Roebling had, in effect, fashioned a single hollow beam as protection against cumulative undulations.It may be short-term, for example as a protection against influenza, or almost life-long, for example against diphtheria.That's part of the character I am - I use humour as a protection.But Famlio didn't take long to see other possibilities, in the established traditional of what is ironically known as protection.In the thirteenth century, a bishop had ordered the castle to be built and manned as a protection.As soon as they are replaced they are broken again and the church authorities are considering wire netting as a protection.About 400,000 Hong Kong residents, or 8 percent of the population, hold foreign passports as protection.protection racketTo have 32 seeds in a 128 women's singles draw, would be nothing less than a protection racket.Yorris's youth organisation is involved in gambling, prostitution and protection rackets.It was odd to find him in charge of such a low-level enterprise as the Vadinamian protection racket.A reclusive ex-rock-star's London mansion is used as a hideout by a violent protection racket thug, played by James Fox.The money they had to pay the sheep for the Cuddly Woolly Protection Racket did seem a lot.