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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemire‧mir /eˈmɪə $ eˈmɪr/ noun [countable]  RRIa Muslim ruler, especially in the Middle East and parts of Africasultan the Emir of Kuwait
Examples from the Corpus
emirHe's a tricky devil, our emir.In a final battle Charlemagne is again victorious, and the emir is killed.And, of course, if he was shrewd enough, the emir Tzani-bey would want to bargain with him.He, like the emir, was a commander answering straight to the King.It was the Resident, not the emir, who controlled the police and the army.While Famagusta stood out, the emir should want no altercations with Zacco.Nicholas wondered whether, sitting there, the emir felt the same bitter exultation that he did.He had chosen an hour at which the emir would certainly have retired, and might not have heard of his arrival.the emir of Bahrain