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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimamim‧am, Imam /ˈɪmɑːm, ˈɪmæm/ noun [countable]  RRIa Muslim religious leader
Examples from the Corpus
imamThe Najadat were in agreement that in fact the people did not really need an imam.People tended to make way for you in bus queues when you were an imam.A just imam must follow the road already laid out which leads the community to happiness on earth and in the Beyond.These two phenomena have given birth to a monstrosity: the all-powerful, unchallenged, unchallengeable media imam.But according to the ideal, the imam is just only because he is vulnerable and changeable.Passing over in silence what the people think of the imam is a priority in that writing of history.The imam still bore the mark of that experience in his gaunt frame and sallow, jaundiced complexion.The imams condemn them, but they stand firm.