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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeath rowdeath row /ˌdeθ ˈrəʊ $ -ˈroʊ/ noun [uncountable]  SCJthe part of a prison where prisoners who will be punished by being killed are kepton death row a murderer on death row
Examples from the Corpus
death rowDespite attempts to curb the number of appeals, death row waits are growing.Instead he fairly hustled his big body along, as if it were a laggardly prisoner he was escorting down death row.But the anguished upstate New York social worker now finds himself waging a spirited campaign to keep his sibling from death row.A checker game on death row.The picture has an odd formality to it, a portrait of the Madonna on death row.Two other death row inmates have final appeals pending before the Supreme Court.Mr Harris has been on California's death row for 11 years and has appealed under habeascorpus eight times.The right combination of convictions could ship him to death row.on death rowJones is on death row for murdering five people.