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guardguard2 ●●● W2 verb [transitive]  1 PROTECTto protect a person, place, or object by staying near them and watching them The Sergeant told Swift to guard the entrance. a lioness guarding her cubsguard somebody/something against something There is no one to guard these isolated farms against attack.see thesaurus at protect2 SCJto watch a prisoner to prevent them from escaping3 to protect something such as a right or a secret by preventing other people from taking it away, discovering it etc chiefs who jealously guarded their independence a closely guarded secret4 to prevent another sports player from gaining points, getting the ball etc guard against something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
guardAnd this she must guard against at all costs.She must be mated again, and the first mate has to guard her or risk his groundwork going to benefit another.I made revisions on the Old Course, guarded her with all my energy.The car was backed inside and Randolph Churchill and Corporal Rose were left to guard it.Byron will guard Jordan in tonight's game.An army lieutenant and 14 soldiers were guarding the air strip.The women and children were sent into the town until the floods subsided and the men were left to guard the camp.Soldiers have been called in to guard the embassy against further attacks.We've hired someone to guard the entrance.A dog guards the house.You guard your other child very closely.guard somebody/something against somethingThere is no one to guard the area against possible attack.closely guarded secretDetails of the program are closely guarded secrets.For more than forty years his existence had been a closely guarded secret.He knew that the routine and itinerary of the Chairman were a closely guarded secret.It was not the falcon's nesting site, John wisely keeps all such eyries a closely guarded secret.The winning design was chosen a few months ago and has been a closely guarded secret.Today the locations of many rare or endangered species are closely guarded secrets.The level of marks required for entrance to secondary school is a very closely guarded secret and seldom officially revealed.His smoking had been one of the most closely guarded secrets of the campaign.