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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparolepa‧role1 /pəˈrəʊl $ -ˈroʊl/ noun [uncountable]  SCJpermission for someone to leave prison, on the condition that they promise to behave wellon parole He was released on parole after serving two years. She will become eligible for parole in 19 months.
Examples from the Corpus
paroleAnd parole officers sometimes choose not to recommend revocation.While I was in Cookham she got knocked back on her parole, she got a five-year review.Smart, 30, is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole.If a kid is on parole and his parole officer wishes to incarcerate him, there would be no room.Hubbell went to prison for 18 months and is now out on parole.But the program is short of money; some officers must look after up to 1,000 people on parole.Failure by the parole system to learn of felony convictions and to revoke paroles.The parole system has been making efforts to keep former convicts out of trouble.on paroleHicks was released on parole May 17.