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paroleparole2 verb [transitive]  SCJto allow someone to leave prison on the condition that they promise to behave well→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
paroleThe prison governor said projects like this provide an important stepping stone for men shortly to be paroled.Calley, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment, was eventually paroled after having served only three years.He was paroled again Oct. 11,1978.He had been paroled, but violated the terms, and was picked up last month.Florida paroles first-time convicted criminals into the care of the Salvation Army-25,000 of them at any one time.Goldsmith, for example, paroled in 1987, was arrested on the firearms charge in 1992 and convicted in 1993.He was convicted of 23 crimes and paroled in 1994.