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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpenpen1 /pen/ ●●● S2 noun  1 DWRITE[countable, uncountable] an instrument for writing or drawing with inkpencil, biro a ballpoint pen a felt-tip penin pen Please fill out the form in pen. a pen and ink drawing2 TA[countable] a small piece of land enclosed by a fence to keep farm animals in a sheep pen playpen3 put/set pen to paper4 [countable] American English informalSCJ a short form of penitentiary5 [countable] British English informal a penalty, used especially when talking about football
Examples from the Corpus
penWe started a lively correspondence with about five pen friends each, scribbling away under the desk in lessons.a fountain penThis explains those tiny hillside pens bounded by rock walls.I then looked at the boy again, who held his pen out towards me.No mere holding pen, this is home for these creatures.Expect 1993 to be the year of the pen.He threaded the pen back through her fingers, gently.A good-looking, pre-war pen cost less than a third of its modern cousin, and wrote just as well.She also created Write a Senior, a website that links the elderly with pen pals around the world.in penWrite your essays in pen not pencil.