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shackleshackle2 verb [transitive]  1 LIMITto put many limits on what someone can do – used to show disapproval Industrial progress is being shackled by a mass of regulations.2 SCJto put shackles on someone syn chain He was blindfolded and shackled to a radiator.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shackleEmmanuel suffered a miscarriage two weeks later and was taken to the hospital shackled and handcuffed.The company is shackled by a lack of capital.In a society still shackled by regulations and bureaucracy he was astonishingly impudent.Facing such a large first innings total, the batsmen were shackled by the need to save the game.In short, many Unix vendors are shackled by their desire to own everything.Baseball owners, once thought to be shackled by tradition, are on a roll.They destroyed the seminary, arrested Pigneau and shackled him in an eighty-pound wood and iron frame.He will already be there, shackled, so there is no danger.The prisoners were shackled together and forced to walk 600 miles across country.