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stretchstretch2 ●○○ noun  1 length of land/water [countable]AREA an area of land or water, especially one that is long and narrowstretch of a beautiful stretch of countryside2 time [countable]CONTINUOUS a continuous period of timestretch of a stretch of three weeks without sunshine She doesn’t leave the house for long stretches of time. She rarely sleeps for eight hours at a stretch (=without stopping).3 body [countable]HBH the action of stretching a part of your body out to its full length, or a particular way of doing this The ski instructor showed us some special stretches.4 by any stretch (of the imagination)5 the home/final stretch6 material [uncountable]TIMLONGBIG the ability a material has to increase in length or width without tearingstretchy7 at full stretch8 jail [countable usually singular] informalSCJPERIOD OF TIME a period of time spent in prison
Examples from the Corpus
stretchAt 650 acres Draycote Water is the biggest stretch of water in the south Midlands and offers a wide range of activities.He spent several brief stretches in jail for minor offences.This is the last game in a four-day stretch here at the Forum.an empty stretch of highwayEach slow curve of the waterway showed another glittering stretch with no end, however.She looked round and saw this woman also had stretch marks on her stomach.Some of the Acutes hide grins, and McMurphy takes a huge stretch, yawns, winks at Harding.Washing in hot water can make the fabric lose its stretch.He entertained himself for long stretches with trucks and cars, mumbling to himself as he crashed them together.Sometimes between battles, there were long stretches of time when nothing happened.I do my stretches the minute I get out of bed.The stretch of coastline between Barcelona and the French border is called the Costa Brava.This stretch of road is oyster country and there are several spots in Marshall and Tomales to purchase the mollusks.During their worst stretch of 1996, the Padres lost 19 of their 23 games.a seven-year stretchstretch ofa stretch of three weeks without sunshinean empty stretch of highwaylong stretches of timeIt was useful, he dis-covered, to cultivate a reserved demeanor, to stay silent for long stretches of time.