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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroochbrooch /brəʊtʃ $ broʊtʃ/ noun [countable]  brooch.jpg DCJa piece of jewellery that you fasten to your clothes, usually worn by women syn pin American English
Examples from the Corpus
broochEverybody tried to take something - a scrap of clothing, a lock of hair, a false eyelash, a brooch.Graham was splendidly attired in full Highland dress, complete with plaid and cairngorm brooch.Mrs or Mme Wyatt wore patent-leather shoes and a smart brownish suit with a gold brooch.A slightly larger percentage of pairs of brooches were more abraded on the top right than the top left corner.Some wore cloaks clasped at the neck with huge ornamental brooches.He decided not to mention the brooch.After some reflection she removed the brooch, but retained the small, black stud ear-rings.This may indicate that the brooches were consistently worn in a particular position, but not in the same way.