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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcharmcharm1 /tʃɑːm $ tʃɑːrm/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]ATTRACT a special quality someone or something has that makes people like them, feel attracted to them, or be easily influenced by them – used to show approvalcharming Joe’s boyish charmcharm of the charm of this small Southern city She turned on the charm (=used her charm) to all the men. The room had no windows and all the charm of a prison cell (=used to say that something has no charm).2 DCJ[countable] a very small object worn on a chain or bracelet a charm bracelet a small gold horseshoe worn as a lucky charm3 MAGIC[countable] a phrase or action believed to have special magic powers syn spell4 work like a charmCOLLOCATIONSverbshave charmRichard was clever and he had a lot of charm.use your charmShe knew when to use her charm in order to get what she wanted.turn on the charm (=use your charm to get something)If you turn on the charm, I’m sure you’ll get the job.ooze charm (=have or show a lot of charm)Every time she saw him, he oozed charm.lack charm/be lacking in charmA lot of new buildings lack charm.something loses its charmHe was getting older, and travel was losing its charm.succumb to somebody’s/something’s charms (=allow yourself to be influenced by their charms)Thomas seemed to be succumbing to Sylvie's charms.resist somebody’s charm (=not allow yourself to be influenced by someone’s charm)People say that it was impossible to resist Burton’s charm.be part of somebody's/something's charmThe house is a long way from anywhere and that is part of its charm.adjectivesboyish charmWomen seem to love his boyish charm.great charmHe was a man of great charm.easy charm (=relaxed charm)Hudson was full of easy charm and smiles.rustic charm (=charm that is simple, old-fashioned and typical of the countryside)The cottage had a certain rustic charm.natural charmShe had a quiet natural charm that everyone liked.personal charmHe was a man of great personal charm.considerable charmTheir music has considerable charm.immense charm (=very great)No one could resist his immense charm.
Examples from the Corpus
charmThis time, the setup worked like a charm.a necklace with an angel charmVanessa has both charm and talent.These buildings were comfortable and spacious, and had great charm.Gould discovered in this hardy, middle-aged explorer, a man of great charm and great ornithological ability.With her charm and good looks, she's sure to be a success.The players were an ideal fit for 8,500-seat Golden Park, which has been renovated to maximum charm.She was a leader of great character and tremendous personal charm.The book captures Savannah's old Southern charm and its eccentric citizens perfectly.Beaufort has all the charm of the old South.The fortieth floor had low ceilings, no windows, and the charm of an engine room.He had the charm of all people who believe implicitly in themselves, that of integration.To McDonough, a stubby 280-pounder, the charm of elective office was not mucking about with papers and figures.They even succumb, in the end, to the charms of a girl, which Grahame would have winced at.turned on the charmHe still turned on the charm, however.lucky charmThat diamond horseshoe is her lucky charm.But, as Daouda Api explains, the lucky charm of literacy often fails to work its magic.