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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchokerchok‧er /ˈtʃəʊkə $ ˈtʃoʊkər/ noun [countable]  DCJa piece of jewellery that fits very tightly around a woman’s neck a diamond choker
Examples from the Corpus
chokerBut it was only the sensational Jamie, twirling a diamante choker on his index finger.Did you see these gold chokers?Rachel looked around the living-room for a hiding place for her choker.Over-the-top accessories accompany all her collections, from fake pearl chokers to quilted handbags and gilt belts.Pearl chokers glittered on every female neck; huge diamonds flashed in the strobe lights.Holding the choker in her hand, she heard the amah's flip-flops coming downstairs.She ran to the polished mahogany bureau, opened the lid and threw the choker on to a pile of papers.A velvet choker was tied around her neck; massive gold earrings hung from her lobes.