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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjewelledjew‧elled British English, jeweled American English /ˈdʒuːəld/ adjective  DCJdecorated with jewels the famous jewelled eggs of Fabergé
Examples from the Corpus
jewelledAnd the long, jewelled box containing the rod, without roses or leaves, that was the wand of his kingship.Even when the lubricious Cardinal is titillated by his chair-straddling mistress, it is in the shadow of an overhanging jewelled crucifix.From her throat to her feet she was covered in velvet and gold, furs and silk and jewelled embroidery.And backs off quick, before the long-suffering pimp shows up, and knocks the girl into shape with his jewelled fists.Adam had run knee-deep in silver ducats and jewelled goblets full of pearls!The body is dressed in jewelled vestments, the face covered with a silver mask fashioned from a wax death mask.But as Ian goes back to comply Koquillion uses his jewelled weapon to cause an avalanche, sealing up the cave.