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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpendantpen‧dant /ˈpendənt/ noun [countable]  DCJa jewel, stone etc that hangs from a thin chain that you wear around your necknecklace a ruby pendant
Examples from the Corpus
pendantA pendant fitting for use above a dining table should have a deep shade or one that is designed to avoid glare.These lights should be independently switched from any pendant lights for maximum flexibility.a diamond pendantYes, there was something in there and I bet myself it would be Jo's emerald pendant.From time to time, she fingered the heart pendant and religious medallion that now hang around her neck.She was wearing a short lilac dress and a pale cashmere jacket, beneath which the jet pendant glimmered in inky symbolism.Silver shell pendant, £8.99, Oasis.The jewellery pictured includes a silver pocket watch, a pearl brooch, a silver pendant and several tie or stick pins.Superimposed on this group size factor are the effects of polarity and the intrinsic flexibility of the pendant group itself.