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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsettingset‧ting /ˈsetɪŋ/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SITUATIONthe place where something is or where something happens, and the general environmentbeautiful/perfect/magnificent/idyllic setting an old farmhouse in a beautiful settingsetting for Cyprus is the perfect setting for a beach holiday. I’ve worked with children in various settings, mainly in secondary school.see thesaurus at place2 ASITUATIONthe place or time where the events in a book, film etc happensetting for Verona is best known as the setting for two of Shakespeare’s plays.3 TDthe position in which you put the controls on a machine or instrument The heating system was already on its highest setting.4 DCJthe metal that holds a stone in a piece of jewellery, or the way the stone is fixedin a ... setting a diamond ring in a gold setting5 APMmusic that is written to go with a poem, prayer etc6 the setting of the sun place settingCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa beautiful/lovely/magnificent settingThe event takes place in the magnificent setting of Bramham Park.a perfect/ideal settingThe castle was a perfect setting for the wedding.an idyllic setting (=a very beautiful and peaceful place)Three artists have come together to paint and teach in an idyllic setting in West Sussex.an unlikely settingThis quiet suburb may seem an unlikely setting for a top restaurant.a rural/urban settingThe research station is located in a rural setting.verbsprovide a settingThe hotel provides an ideal setting for conferences.
Examples from the Corpus
settingImagine working in a beautiful setting overlooking the bay.Difficult or not, I none the less believe that we should seek less formal settings.Most patients were initially treated in a hospital setting.Simple division Being able to divide a living/dining room into two distinct areas means you can easily create an intimate setting.In beautifully landscaped settings, this unique zoo is great fun for all the family.The heater has three temperature settings.Is the meeting held in the informal comfort of the staff room or is the setting a more formal arrangement?Dashwood Manor sounds like the setting for a Victoria Holt novel, doesn't it?Auden's influence on the young Britten was enormous: it shaped his whole attitude to the setting of words.And that only reliable operators programme these settings into the oven's memory.beautiful/perfect/magnificent/idyllic settingThe city of Belfast has a magnificent setting, ringed by high hills, sea lough and river valley.It was an attractive creeper-covered house in a beautiful setting.It made a perfect setting for Murder in the Dark.If you want old-world tradition in an idyllic setting, this is the hotel for you.She thinks it the mob beautiful setting she ever saw.But he soon changed his mind when he realized the scope for expansion and the magnificent setting of the building.Lain's Barn is the perfect setting for Midwinter merchants, selling everything from weapons to costume.on its highest settingIf it is not already on its highest setting, the pump can usually manage one more radiator.in a ... settingIn this setting, efforts should also be made to correct the underlying sodium retentive disorder.When distressed, black people naturally resist accepting help in frightening institutional settings from people they do not trust.In order to take such a risk, people need to feel they are in a secure setting.There by himself in this ideal setting, he sat-not making a sound and never completing his work.He celebrates human love in unlikely settings, delighting in its least expected manifestations.People in smaller settings can contact career consultants individually about this kind of intensive feedback.This should result in fundholders setting the pace and others benefiting.