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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtiarati‧a‧ra /tiˈɑːrə/ noun [countable]  DCJa piece of jewellery like a small crown, that a woman sometimes wears on very formal or important occasions a diamond tiara
Examples from the Corpus
tiaraObediently, Martha studied the image of a glassy-eyed young white woman in a long white dress and tiara.The pointed tiara flashed as she moved.And she's got the tiara to prove it.Elton John: Go on, wear the tiara.The tiara had not glittered in Nicandra's wedding veil.Popes were not always above pawning their tiaras.Try tiaras and crowns and always wear hair below your jawline to create the illusion of length.Both wore tiaras and sashes, which made me feel better about having put on a tie.