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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeneral strikeˌgeneral ˈstrike noun [countable]  BELa situation when most of the workers in a country refuse to work in order to protest about working conditions, wages etc
Examples from the Corpus
general strikeDock strikes were occurring and a general strike was clearly impending.The trade union federations called a general strike for 13 May to protest at government repression.The main focus of attention was, however, preparations for a general strike to be held on Aug. 3-4.The Socialist response was a general strike.No city proved more strike-prone than the capital where there was a general strike in the summer of 1914.A two-day general strike last week was indicative of just how far Mr Mugabe has outmanoeuvred his opponents.A further 24-hour general strike on May 22 severely disrupted transport and services.