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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-unionˌnon-ˈunion (also non-unionized) adjective  1 BEL[usually before noun] non-union workers do not belong to a trade union (=official organization for workers)2 BELbusinesses or organizations that are non-union do not officially accept trade unions, or do not employ their members
Examples from the Corpus
non-unionThe most striking finding was that 69% of the new firms were non-union.Are non-union and anti-union companies involved in Compacts?This means in practice that non-union companies may participate.A strike has been going on at the mine for over three months and the nine who died were all non-union men.What about non-union people? 7.The organizing committee had made the colossal error of hiring a non-union press to print the official program.The technique involves estimating apparent consumption by deducting exports from domestic production and adding on imports from union and non-union sources.Firms select workers at random from the pool of union and non-union workers irrespective of their union status.