Sense: 1,5
Origin: Old English dubbian
Sense: 2-4
Origin: double


1 verb
dub1 past tense and past participle dubbed, present participle dubbing [transitive]
1 [usually passive] to give something or someone a name that describes them in some way [↪ label, name]
be dubbed something
The body, thousands of years old, was found in the Alps and dubbed 'The Iceman'.
2SLLAM to change the original spoken language of a film or television programme into another language
be dubbed into something
a British film dubbed into French
3 especially British EnglishTCR to make a record out of two or more different pieces of music or sound mixed together
4 American English to copy a recording from a tape or CD onto another tape
5PGO if a king or queen dubs someone, they give the title of knight to that person in a special ceremony

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