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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatoispa‧tois /ˈpætwɑː/ noun (plural patois /-twɑːz/) [countable, uncountable]  SLLa spoken form of a language used by the people of a small area and different from the national or standard language
Examples from the Corpus
patoisa patois of the Louisiana backwoodsAnd then, protected against the pitfalls of this curious patois, you can book your ticket to Tokyo in complete confidence.The Latin words died, replaced by ones in patois.Its leaders and managers refuse to speak a polyglot language derived from the patois of lawyers, accountants, and pop psychologists.His comprehension of the patois was total.the patois of lawyersBoth neighborhoods had a strong spiritual sense, a different musical culture, unique foods, and unappreciated patois.