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polishpolish2 ●●● S3 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [countable, uncountable]DHC a liquid, powder, or other substance that you rub into a surface to make it smooth and shinyfurniture/shoe/floor etc polish β†’ French polish2 [singular] especially British EnglishCLEAN an act of polishing a surface to make it smooth and shiny πŸ”Š An occasional polish will keep wall tiles looking good.3 [uncountable]GOOD AT a high level of skill or style in the way someone performs, writes, or behaves πŸ”Š Carla’s writing has potential, but it lacks polish.4 [singular]SHINE the smooth shiny appearance of something produced by polishing β†’ spit and polish at spit2(5)
Examples from the Corpus
polishβ€’ I wanted it to shine the windows and polish the tarnished feelings like a good spring house-cleaning.β€’ They were beginning to achieve astonishing economic success; and only their children would acquire a certain polish.β€’ furniture polishβ€’ A good polish now and then will keep the table looking new.β€’ A good polish reviver can be made by mixing equal parts of raw linseed oil, substitute turps and vinegar.β€’ What this dance troupe lacks in polish, they make up for in enthusiasm.β€’ Not that any of this family into which Cara had chosen to marry had much polish.β€’ Did I happen to have any nail polish with me?β€’ The shoes I had on were white plastic trainers in need of polish.β€’ His face was a light brown, shoe polish mixed with wax.β€’ shoe polishβ€’ The polish on her fingernails neatly complemented the shade.furniture/shoe/floor etc polishβ€’ She smelled of leather and shoe polish.β€’ They also won't pay if you get any shoe polish on their socks.β€’ His face was a light brown, shoe polish mixed with wax.β€’ Why should anyone discuss floor polish?β€’ Exotic scent mingled with the more religious smells of incense, furniture polish and veneration.β€’ I tried using some spray furniture polish, rubbed well in, on the areas that were jamming.β€’ Missing were expensive black leather boots, the white shoe polish, a jumbo jar of Nivea.β€’ To age the look of the gourds, she buffs them with shoe polish.